Monday, 18 March 2013


I have been interested in healthy lifestyle for quite long time. My healthy journey began when I started being aware how not well I was feeling, both in my body and my mind.

My first step towards health was starting yoga practise. I felt in love with it and I am not going to stop doing it as it is big part of my life now. I am more aware of my body, of myself, it makes me stronger physically as well as physically - I feel great!

Furthermore, I began researching, reading books and during last few years I educated myself how and what to eat (I did not know about wholefoods, superfoods). I was trying different things to find out what worked for me the best. I changed my 'diet' and as a result I got rid of my health problems nearly in 100%. 

In the meantime, I found so many fantastic people living healthy and fully. And my desire to live like that has been growing stronger and stronger.

Also, I realised how important is nature to me. Nowadays, people are coming back to live in accordance with the law of the nature. I think we should have never gone away from it as nature is so amazing, it gives everything what is the best. I am really thankful that I was born in a lovely place near mountains. However, I had to go away to appreciate it more.

Coming back to the topic I would like to write about...

My healthy lifestyle had been more or less successful (mostly because I love desserts) until two weeks ago when I joined '21-day-challenge'. It was set up by a lovely girl from Portugal and the aim of it is to eat healthy, be active and no cheating is allowed. I have to mention here that both of us had a weakness at the beginning of that test, but only once. It turned out that it made us only stronger for the rest of our short journey to be as perfect as possible.
The most important is the fact that we have experienced how beneficial it is for us, how much better we feel and now we are sure we will continue it much longer than we thought. '21 days' that is only the beginning!

That challenge changed my approach for food. I started checking what ingredients I am using
, what I am putting on my plate, observing how I feel after eating certain foods, finding the most nutritious foods for myself, being more active - not finding excuses not to do some exercise, etc. Besides, I am so close to my inner self I have never been in my life.

Simply saying, I am looking after and treating myself as I am my very best friend :) And I recommend that to everyone!

And finally, I will dedicate most of my posts to my healthy journey from now on. Unfortunately, I will not write in Polish any more as I would have to spend all my time writing the blog (which actually would be very enjoyable). There is 'translate' option on my blog now so you can read it in any chosen language. 

Let's be healthy!


in Polish

Chciałabym poinformować, że odtąd blog będzie tylko w języku angielskim. Powodem do tego jest brak wystarczającej ilości czasu na pogodzenie wszystkiego co teraz robię. Możliwe, że się to znowu zmieni.

Po prawej stronie znajduje się opcja 'TRANSLATE', która pozwala na przetłumaczenie bloga na wybrany język (to przede wszystkim dla moich ukochanych i wiernych czytelników z rodziny ;) ).