Sunday, 31 March 2013


I am sure some of you know this dish. I felt in love with these long time ago and I have been making them nearly every Easter. I am not sure how to call these cuties so I will use expression used by me and my family. If the name sounds funny, please let me know your ideas... :)

EGGS in SHELLS  / Makes about 9


  • 4 organic eggs
  • chive
  • sea salt
  • clarified butter


Boil water with salt (it will prevent egg shells from cracking). Hard boil 3 eggs. Pour out hot water, pour into cold water and leave for few minutes on the side. Then, when cool use knife to cut the whole egg as on the picture above (first break a shell around using the sharp top of knife, then cut the whole egg along this line). That is my way so if you know any others, let me know :)

Take out whites and yolks gently using a teaspoon. Mash them with a fork and cut some chive. Transfer everything into a bowl. Crack one raw egg into the bowl too, add salt and mix well.

Transfer egg mixture into all shells using teaspoon. If you do not have enough, you can use each twice or even more if you do not break it.

Melt clarified butter on a frying pan. Put prepared eggs on the hot butter on flat side first. Fry for few minutes on that side, then reverse and fry on another side for few more minutes covering pan with lid.

Serve with some toasted homemade bread or with toasted buckwheat or even quinoa.