Wednesday, 10 April 2013


The time has come! I have just done my first headstand with a wall. I got so moved by this big event that tears were running down on my cheeks. That made me realised how much I have achieved in my life lately.

Looking back, about half year ago, I was totally different person. On my journey, I met great people who have helped me so much, gave me strength and hope... Also, few of my closest friends and family supported me despite of everything. I have worked hard to put everything together and now I am in the place I always wanted to be. I accept myself, I feel piece and love 

I do not know if you have read EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert, but for me this book is like a 'bible'. I have already read it twice in different stages of my life and each time I draw something different from it. Today I feel there will be a third time. This time I will read it in English.

I have to add here for those who saw only movie under the same title as book, that it does not express what is included in written version. That movie is like a love story - of course I did not mind watching fantastic Julia Roberts there!


* I dedicate this post especially to my mum, my godmother, my friends Dagmara Cz. & Ewelina B., and fantastic June *